Welcome Ferris (Yes, the fourth female including Joamer) to the squad on July 6th, 2009. She will be a valuable addition.


Yeah, that stinking old slimebag that used to be your ASL. That's him, hold on for a rough ride... wait... no. He will be a valuable addition to the squad.


Senior Sergeant (now Gunnery Sergeant from the competition awards / promotions) Joamer has entered RAIDERS Squad. He is a transfer from Wraiths Squad. He will be a valuable addition.


Unconventional Warfare is our name, and playing dirty is our game. Yeah that's right. You've stumbled upon the only Squad in STC that has this particular job: to destory the moral and minds of the Citizens. We pit them against eachother, or against what ever Goveernament they follow. It's quite obivious that in order to have a militia, or even a working society, normal 'citizens' make up the backbone. But once the Raiders get their hands on the minds of the civilians, utter choas and destruction will make waves and crash down upon those we are looking to destory.



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RAIDERS Squad actively works on their Wiki, which can be found at the Vast Empire Wiki. Their Wiki page is currently under the process of showing every trooper's Character Development Traits, Armour and our current equipment, etc. It is constantly maintainted by the troopers and leaders (Squad and Assistant Squad) of RAIDERS Squad. It truly is a group effort to get this to all come together and make a good wiki.

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